jerry came home from school today with a mother’s day present for me.. so sweet!

so I heard he helped in mixing and stirring the batter.. brought a smile to my face.


when I got home.. guess what happened?


I found him nomming on the little muffins! I asked to share and he rejected me! and then proceeding to stuff everything (including the muffin liners) into his mouth!


ohhh.. how nice he is. I guess my present is a good laugh instead.


what I really would like is that my boys grow up healthily, stay happy, let me have at least 5hrs stretch of sleep at night and pee in privacy without having my bathroom door yanked open all the time. #truestory


thank you v much. im sure a lot of mothers will agree with me.


here’s wishing all mums a happy mother’s day in advance and enioy the weekend with your family!