I welcomed the year with a bunch of friends at a BBQ pit near home and laughed till I had stitches. I wished the night didnt end that ‘early’ but a few of us were struggling with bladders that are almost bursting so we had to call it a night. Thank you all for the fun, you know who you are.

I got home and took the opportunity to change out my nails. Couldnt decide what I wanted so I did a mishmash of designs for trial. Could I just say I have a new found love leopard prints?

And oops. I forgot taking any picture cos I was so engrossed in painting them. I have all the same designs on my right hand as well.

The husband says, it’s too much and too messy. Heh. Who cares? I had fun.. That’s more important right?

Prepping to head out for a play date in a bit.. I’m soooo zombified cos I slept at 5am in the morning.

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