After like what seems like forever and ever, the monkey me finally went nuts over bananas.

Yay! Feels so good to sink my teeth into these yellow mushy stuff. I swear I could eat 2 bunches at a go. By the way, in case you are curious.. I am born in the year of monkey.

Well, went to the doc’s last Saturday and while battling the long queue, hubby and me went to eat breakfast.. After 10 months of deprivation, I have never been happier to slurp these down. Heh. Pure bliss.

Ok, after that it was torture because the hollicks was sooo thick and sweet, I almost died of thirst since there wasnt anything off the shelves that I could drink from the mall and not expecting to wait that long, I didn’t lug a bottle of my red dates tea like I usually would when I head for the check ups.

Some of you asked about the kind of confinement food that I eat because I seemed to be blogging about all things non traditional of confinement food..

Well, here it goes.

Papaya soup and black chicken in rice wine.

Pig stomach soup with pepper.

Steamed fish (some days it’s fried, not pictured) and beans (I need a lot of vegetables in my diet)

Pig trotters in vinegar. This is my favourite and I eat it almost every day. Ooooh, I especially love all the fatty skin and gelatin. I reject whatever meat pieces there is in there. Only the fats bits please.

Black chicken soup.

Pork ribs and lotus root soup

Kidney & liver in wine and ginger. Eat this almost daily too.

Everything else that I eat is doused with ginger too.. Like my vegetables.

You can’t really tell but there are thin slices of ginger in there. My mum puts ginger in my kuay tiao soup too!! -_-“”

And this is my drink everyday.

Red dates longan tea.

Some days it tastes great, other days, it sucked, because somehow, when my mum boils the tea.. There isn’t any consistency and the sweetness varies by the day. There are days where it’s bitter because she put too much of the dang shen. Either way, I had to gulp everything down because I need liquid to function. I can’t wait for the day when I could down plain water like there’s no tomorrow. For now, I could only stare at it or use it to brush my teeth.

I haven’t been diligently taking pictures of the food because most days, I am trying to quickly eat and settle the grouchy baby with a wet diaper or a hungry baby.. Or maybe, just a needy baby. Weirdly, he ALWAYS fusses during my meal times.

Am waiting for dinner right now. I wonder what’s on the menu today.

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