i think life is fair in some ways. it’s always filled with ups and downs. there can hardly be a time where everything in your life is ups, and a time where everything is down. although i do admit that attitude plays a huge part in determining how much ups and downs there can be.

Hmm.. thinking abt that.. am i losing all my positivism? i want that spunky kid with i-dont-care-even-the-sky-falls-on-me attitude back! but then again, with more commitments and stress in the kind of environment we are in.. is it even possible as ur age keeps piling?

i dont really like blogging abt sad things (who does?!), and im twice thrice as happy putting up happy entries! so… here’ some happy things!

here’s the customised wooden pendant thingy with my name (in jap) that my uncle bought for me in japan!

and this came in the mail over the weekend!!

thanks girl, for being so sweet.. and dropping me a note over sms whenever u sense something wrong from my blog. i’m really glad that you are part of lj now.. and it makes it so much easier to “monitor” ur life and try to be there for you as well. take care, enjoy your coming holidays to the states.. take lotsa pictures and have fun in your coming teaching career!! i heart you!

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