when was the last time you did that? I cannot remember when i last did it. It’s been yonks because work has been so hectic that i knock out the moment my head hits the pillow.

last night, it was different. i had to down red bull to keep myself awake. to clear all the outstanding work so that I can go krabi peacefully. the last time i drank red bull was in secondary school to keep myself awake for exams.. =S

i’m dead tired and i’m hoping i don’t look like shit without the beauty sleep that i am supposed to be accumulating.

come to think of it… am i dumb or what? someone asked me why i didn’t handover the work to someone else and cleared as much as i could before i leave. Hmmm.. i didn’t think of it at all.

Oops. it’s a wonder why my shoulders are always aching. a burden to heavy to bear.

i wish for a carefree job and a less stressful life. i really need quality of life and in turn, stop snapping at people like the whole world is at fault. i feel like such a shit person sometimes.

ok. blabbering nonsense from someone who hasn’t slept. good night morning world. I need to go pack my luggage and prepare for the flight in 5hrs.

btw, the crappy iphone swallowed my last funny entry on my friend and her iphone.. and darn! i’m too lazy to rethink and retype (it was a VERY long entry) so till i find the energy again..

have a good week people. it’ll be radio silence from me while i enjoy the sun, sea and breeze (hopefully).

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