i’ve decided to start the not so perfect monday morning by blogging! my head weighs heavier than usual, prob resulted from a late night and not enough sleep.

-interrupted by a phone call with a colleague complaining abt a customer-

Oops. after that 10 mins phonecall, i lost my train of thoughts. urgh!


the weekend is like a roller coaster ride. one min im all cheery and hip, the next moment down and sad. and thanks to all those that spent time talking to me. appreciate you people for instilling confidence in me and getting me all geared up to face the future. i feel energised!

and ant, i’m surprised at your message this morning. its really ok. i was just feeling down yesterday and feeling melancholic. was just questioning myself on some issues and you just happened to ask me the question that was reeling in my mind. =) you prob. read my mind? hee..

had steamboat dinner with shuyu on sat night. the shopping in the day was extremely tiring and both my feet were sore from too much walking and lugging a big bag ard. and i met kelvin twice in the span of 6 hours. damn funny. saw him in orchard and then in amk at the steamboat place. hee. actually he spotted me. i didnt see him at all. and he told me much later, “how many people walk around with a bright yellow top?” duhz

sentosa was fun fun and fun. haha, we had loads of laughs and cracked cranky jokes. and i really cant stop grinning when i think abt the cucumber.

we were walking thru the images of singapore. came to this indian man wearing a sarong, with his knees bended, somehow in a sitting/squatting position. suddenly, ant stretches his hand and dips it into the space where his groin is. pei got a shock and shouted,”ant, ni zai zhuo she me?!?!” ant is caught in a awkward position with the hand still at the groin.

and we all had a good laugh when we realised someone crude has placed a cucumber there from the props beside the man at his groin area….

we started with pei, ant and me on the cable car. ray drove the car in himself. we wanted to go in the car, but ant suddenly mentioned that he hadnt taken the cable car (not that he remembered). pei had this attraction card, whereby we can get free rides on the cable for 3. so, to grant ant his wish and in a bid to save on the entrance fees, we went on the cable.

ant & me paid $8 bucks to go on the Carlsberg Sky Tower earlier in the day.. but we went a second time later in the day FOC. cos i met lionel working there! urgh! if only i saw him earlier, would have saved my $$.

our main purpose on for the trip is the Sentosa Luge. 4 of us went on the ride free, 3 times each! and it was fun, somewhat like a mini initial d race, and i almost flipped at the cornering. i refused to brake. hee.

Images of Singapore was somehow mundane and very everyday life and a tad too commercialised, but still it’s worth it cos we only paid for 1 ticket at 50% rate, i.e. $5. cool deal rite?

we went for the butterfly park and insect kingdom as well. supposed to pay for 1 tic at 50%, but we didnt cos the people there are really nice. nothing really fanciful, just loads of vertebrates, amphibians and anthropods. chim eh? and throughout the whole journey of this place, pei & ray were “sparing” and arguing abt who ray took the cable car with. haha. it was pure entertainment for ant & me. you have no idea how cute and comical the 2 of them are.

we ended the day with a luge ride and headed for a pizza dinner. pei wanted to go fort siloso but it was closed by the time we decided to go. argh.

no photos for the dinner cos i was too busy tucking in. and i maxed out my memory cards on the pics earlier in the day.

and now, the moment everyone is waiting for. photos.

okie. i need to get to work first. talk later.