but im still rushing work like mad and trying to take a quick breather and rest my brain a little. it needs a little rest from the flurry of phone calls (2 lines on the mobile and the lan line is ringing non stop).

overwhelmed is the word.

it’s the weekend so i decided to brighten up a bit of my world with some colors!

It’s a mish mash of bright colors! but the moment i stepped out, i realised that it potentially looks like a little mis-match. urgh. well.. who cares?!

Cindy trying to be funny when she squeezed beside me and check out “pok choo’s” signature face!

it is jewel’s last day, so here’s a picture with her for remembrance. yes. in between all the thick ‘action’, we still have to squeeze some time for a photo before she leaves! Good luck girl!

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