Time flies! The countdown ticker is now at 3 weeks!

The app says that the baby is estimated to be about 3kg! The last time I saw my gynae (3 weeks back), the baby is only 1.8kg! It sure didn’t feel like he has grown so heavy! I really can’t wait for the next gynae visit. There are times where I feel like just making an appointment and some excuse to see him and view Jerry through the ultrasound (not much chances left too) but it’s a tad silly and I really don’t need to see him. His time should be better left to other mothers who are genunienly in need of the doctor’s help.

I wonder when Jerry would decide to pop out. Have been feeling major aches in the pelvic area for the past week, soreness on my inner thighs and other than random sharp pains in the nether regions occasionally that goes off almost instantly and the fact that I could feel the baby moving down there.. All has been fine!

I haven’t experienced any braxton hicks or anything that’s near any of the descriptions that read so I am wondering if it did happen to me at all.

The major event of the past week was the 2 days where I puked major and felt so weak and sick. I also kinda lost interest in food and took in loads of empty calories like ice cream and snacks. Somehow, I think my baby likes it!

The grouchy boy in class. We ended our last antenatal class yesterday and I am so ashamed to say that 50% of the time in the class, I was playing with my phone to keep myself awake. At least I didn’t sleep like the husband of the couple beside me! He was nodding away the entire time and even the speaker noticed and declare break time because he was just nodding away too blatantly! I do think the tips and stuff taught during the class was useful, but the way the speech was delivered was slow and monotonous and boring! Seriously, the tonality could have made a huge difference.. I’m just glad that I don’t have to go through it again! Lol.

It’s just funny seeing der hug the plastic baby throughout the class! I always hear from friends that the classes always has a part of it where the husbands get to wear a bag to mimic how it feels like as a pregnant mother with the weight but that never happened in my class. Major disappointment! I wanted der to share the experience with me because he do have a tendency to walk real fast (and leave his poor wife hobbling behind trying to catch up). I mean, I usually walk quite fast as well, but there are days where it painful to walk (due to the aches) so poor me is being left behind by the inconsiderate husband. =(

That aside, he has been fabulous in other ways making me feel better!

Ok. Time to get out of bed for the weekly swim. I don’t know how much more chances I have to dip myself in the pool so better seize the opportunity!

Hope you guys are enjoying the last bit of your weekends! I would sure miss mine when it’s over!

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