now, i wish i could write a proper entry but my thoughts so far has been a mish mash of random thoughts and happenings and spur of the moment entries.

so after 20 days in 6 cities, 3 flights, 5 train rides, 8 different hotels (was supposed to be 6) and many many taxi rides later, we are back in singapore and being smacked with the madness of living a new lifestyle, loads of adapting (and moving things), clearing up the paperwork and debts from the wedding, and dealing with the post-wedding issues (we still have yet to pay the photographer and wine supplier) and with the honeymoon gone askew, the insurance matters and all.

there is no way i could summarize all that experience into one single entry, but i promise i’ll try to load up the album pictures (yes, i’ll share them now) and try to get hold of the wedding montage, the day happenings and give an update because everyone has been asking me for them.

my honeymoon entries stopped at venice because when i got to paris, there was no internet connection and plus the amazing race situation we were in and we lost 2 nights in paris made the 1.5 days in paris very precious especially since we were walking all over. disneyland time was precious because we played hard and i spent a lot of time reading my book, which was a really good thing for my soul and when i reach istanbul, we both fell really sick and we spent our days in the hotel sleeping and distracting ourselves with iphone games. god knows how many iphone games we completed during the honeymoon.

everyone has been asking how is the honeymoon since i got back. i don’t really have a good answer other than it’s been adventurous! Truly, it is. It’s not exactly fun because we were so sick at the end of it and the amount of travelling and moving about isn’t exactly cool and relaxing. we saw a lot, slept a lot, the boy ate alot, i turned into a coke junkie because there weren’t non-carbonated drinks for me to drink other than alcohol and also a fast food junkie as well because there were quite a far bit of food that i wasn’t able to bring myself to eat (especially in istanbul). and i figured with that memorable experience in venice and that despair in the rome airport, adventurous is the best word to describe the trip.

the best thing that came out of the trip was knowing and witnessing my hubby quit smoking slowly over the days and i am happy to declare that he is down to 1 ciggie per day now and hopefully, before the month of october ends… he will be a non-smoker!

i have also witnessed much love from the boy over the honeymoon period, taking care of his dear wifey and for once, i just relaxed and not really care what happens and let nature takes it own course.

the thing is, i also realised that the boy is not quite a map reader (he’s so gonna kill me for blogging this out) and i did have a fair share of frustration being made to go round in circles a lot of times, but still.. i refused to be the map navigator unless i really had to because it just feels good not to be in-charge.

and so, now that we are back and not in that honeymoon phase, it still feels good to know that someone tucks me into bed every night, kisses all our toys good night and make sure i get enough kettle-boiled water to drink daily (a must for me) and sometimes, caters to my little whims and demands and i am just glad that we are starting out our new life on a good footing.

very blessed to be mrs choo and hopefully, it’ll get better!

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