the airshow was hot and packed. there were hordes of people and still, it is an understatement. the sun was quite unbearable and even though i wore a bikini top and a light weight airy spaghetti top.. i was still sweating. but the afternoon was made hilarious while we were at the airshow..

[while watching the air display]
one country just ended the display..
c: hey look! other planes are coming from the right!
k: where? how come i can’t see and you can see?
k: are u hallucinating?!
c: Grr.. *points to some tiny dots* there! don’t you see?
the planes become bigger as they fly much nearer..
k: oh! now i can see!
c: really? are u hallucinating?! or am i hallucinating?!

[while taking picture of the airbus 380]
kent just snapped a picture for cherie and vice versa..
c: hey! let me see.. is my picture nice?!
k: of cos lah! i am the PROFESSIONAL eh!
i looked at the picture and screamed..
c: why didnt you take the whole plane in the picture?!
k: how can you do that? it’s not possible!!
cherie shows kent his picture with the WHOLE PLANE taken..
k: hey! how did you do that?! amazing!
c: now.. who is the PROFESSIONAL here?!

there were some other funny snippets of kenties.. but he has refused to remind me of what they are so that i cannot blog here. nvm.. shall update again when i remember them.

anyway, kent enjoyed the airshow much more than i did… and i was filled with regret when i was trying to leave the place. there were so much people everywhere.. in the cab queues, in the bus queues and people were hijacking the bus and clambering up the buses even though there were proper queues. even the police couldn’t really control the crowd.

seeing the amount of people and the desperation i had in the back of mind to get out of the place.. kent and me walked at least 30 mins in the blazing sun from changi exhibition centre all the way to changi ferry terminal where i promptly called for a cab and headed for my stores.

urgh. my poor feet are blistering and i have earned an unsightly tan from head to toe.

pictures in a while time when i finished sorting them out and loading them.

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