I enrolled jerry for a art play class some months back at kid’s gallery and he attended his first class ever on Saturday!


he is the youngest kid in the class. classes are for 16 months and above and he barely reached the age requirement. he is still at 15 months, 2 weeks.


I know a lot of parents send their kids to classes like play gyms, gymboree and kindermusik at a much younger age but I didnt think it was necessary for jerry since his motor skills seemed quite developed at a really young age, but I wanted to start exposing him to a classroom setting with other kids to develop some social skills since he hardly ever goes to any playgroup and don’t have much cousins his age to play with.


Der and me also wanted the class to be relaxing and fun, one where he can express himself freely and simply enjoy it so we decided on art class it shall be.

watching the teacher demostrate. the class size is relatively small with 3 other kiddos and its filled with singing, actions, some play and teaching the children about animals and stuff that they’ll be doing. I found it entertaining but jerry seemed most curious in other stuff instead and kept wandering away or pointing his fingers at something else. the drawback is also that jerry was unable to reply the teacher on the questions asked. in fact, I have no clue if he understood what was going on because everyone spoke English while we spoke mostly mandarin to him at home.

getting dirty to paint. he absolutely hates the apron and keeps wanting to tug it off. its also a tad too big for him that I ended up folded it everywhere else.

he was more interested in observing others than painting his own! he also spent quite a bit of time exploring the paint that landed on his fingers, squishing them and watching it, and also smearing it everywhere!


he also tried to rip off the table top plastic, stand on his chair to paint and was generally a handful to deal with. when he finally painted, he splattered quite a bit of paint all over me. boo. I left the class looking like a sick mum with blue measles spots all over.


unfortunately, photography is not allowed so I didn’t manage to snap any more pictures. all in all, I think he kinda enjoyed the class (and exploring the entire classroom and the things within) so I guess its a good start. Der will attend the next class with him next. I think he’ll enjoy the bonding with his son at the class. can’t wait for the next one!