Ok. So some of the relatives still think we are an item, i didn’t correct them cos i didn’t think there’s a need to.

Not in this situation where the probing relatives will go ask around asking what happened and cause distress. There isn’t a need to cause any ripples on peaceful water. So long i know my roles, where i stand and why i’m here.. It’s more than enough. =)

sitting here since the afternoon, i somehow feel maybe my role here is somewhat accomplished. He has a lot of friends to support him throughout. Being there for him more than i could. And i’m glad to know, his friends are a great bunch that’ll stand by him no matter what.

2006 is coming to an end. It’s been a year when i tendered without a job, went holidaying without a woe and came back with a torn ligament and financial woes after surgery. My grandma passed away during the midyear and it’s also a year of frustration in love life, a new and tough job and finally, ending it being alone and single.

I have learnt much year. Growing even more. Everything that i went through this year made me tougher, made me appreciate my friends a lot more. I understood myself better, knowing exactly what i want in life and moving onwards to grabbing it. It’s been a tough ride so far.. Despite often questioning myself on why i had meant to lead such a tough and problem-ridden life, i got through it somehow. Gritting my teeth and sometimes, adopting the avoidance strategy.

One thing i know for sure, no matter how tough things get, or how gloomy it might be.. There’s always sunshine on e other side. Just reach out and you’ll receive.

I believe, 2007 is gonna be a better year. It’s just a matter of perceptions. I can’t wait for it to start. =)

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