Do you sometimes people watch and pick out others’ weird dressing, wrong matching of clothes or see people that wear stuff that totally didn’t suit them?

I do and some times, i do feel like going up to them and tell them it’s not flattering. Ok. You know i’m quite direct, so i actually do that to my close friends. Or think about how a stranger could improve with a change of clothes.

I just think it’s such a pity because sometimes, pretty people just look wrong with the wrong clothes..

Ok. I’m guilty of that too. I mean i wear a lot of clothes that doesn’t hide my tummy well (because it’s too big), and yet, knowing that it makes me look fat, i still wear them. The thing is, i hardly buy new clothes and i seemed to be growing fatter all the time!

Last night, der was looking at my past year mardi gras themed dnd pictures and the bikini top that i was wearing and my flat tummy.. And he went,”hey! Your tummy so flat last year!”

Grrr. Definitely not the best thing to tell the girlfriend. I digressed.

Anyway, mental note to self – must always wear clothes that accentuate your body curves.

Totally random post. I wished i didn’t have to work.

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