last friday was spent catching up with the techmexians. woots! i havent seen leslie and keith eversince i left the company in 2001! yes, i was very excited in meeting them.

we met up at this Hog’s Breath Cafe located at chjimes. That’s the aussie website. They dont have a local menu available online, but here’s the contact information if you wanna make reservations! errm, it’s a tad pricey for normal folks like me.

I’ll keep the account about the dinner short cos, as much as i would pen down my thoughts, i cant think proper. there’s renovation works right below me and the noise is giving me a headache. the food was ok, but the desserts yummylicious! most of the time is spent nattering through the meal and snapping pictures. talking abt that, i previously blogged abt not having my memory card with me.. Grr.. super angry with myself can?! anyway, got the pictures from sally and here they are!

and oh, leslie had to see this ONLY we finished our food and when our promising pilot (keith) has been long gone.

Grrr.. if only we have seen that earlier.. we could easily saved $30+ off our total bill. shucks!