am home from the hospital ordeal. i thought i was supposed to collapse the moment i got home, but no. i fed my mum gastric medication, bathed, boiled water, waited 20 mins before giving my mum a cup of milo before her fever pills and pain killers.

and the sun is almost rising. there goes my sat plan of morning shopping, but i guess it’s ok.

bathing with iced oool water straight from the taps, im feeling very refreshed even though my eyes and my mind is struggling. i better go tuck myself into bed soon.

and ya, my mum’s discharged. no flu. doc say its a viral infection but i am to monitor her fever for the next few days.

the funny thing? i came home feeling tired, still coughing, my nose’s burning and body aching all over. it’s all the symptoms of the flu except that i do not have fever. i guess its just my body screaming murder and paranoia at work.


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