14 days after, i am heading home now. bound for the airport in another 10 mins and my laptop is the last thing that i am packing in.

in the last 14 days, i barely had the energy to catch up with everyone’s blog entries, lest write my own. i am sooooooo tired.

this has got to be one of the most ‘interesting’ trip to seattle because we did almost nothing and even cancelled the road trip to vancouver to help with my uncle’s paper work. but then again, i guess its for the better good of the future cos we cleared so much, i don’t think it’ll happen again. so YAY! (and all other cousins, please thank us…)

then again, i got to eat my favourite foods, drank starbucks (i actually typed starhub!!), and got some stuff for my baby so all is not lost. anyway, we’ll be back again. someday.

hopefully sooner than i think it would be. would really love to bring my hubby and show him around.

ok. gotta go. i wished i didn’t have to head back to reality so soon. (heading back means inching closer to the days i am heading back to work).

maternity leave ends in another 2 days! but i took more leave so i still have a wee bit of time to rest and bum around for a bit.

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