Its the duomo visiting day! Funny how we didnt visit it the first day especially since it was just in front of our hotel!

According to der, he said this is one of the grandest duomo he has ever seen. I cant decide between the one that i have seen in spain and this, but grand indeed it was.

Frontal view.

Taken at an angle.

Us with the duomo.

The interior with really tall ceilings.

The beautiful stained glass windows thats not showing clearly from my phone camera.

The intricate designs at the front of the duomo and the beautiful paintings hanging.

All the monumentos in the duomo.

This part of the flooring has some 3D effects, not sure why. The rest of the floor looks fine.

Derrie stepping foot in the duomo.

Am amused how their legs were touched so much that its the only bit thats bronze.

We paid €8 to take the lift up to the top of the duomo. You could save some money and pay €5 to climb the stairs instead, which is the usual route that i’ll choose, but these days.. I pant too easily and was feeling kinda lazy.

The view at the top was breathless.

See all that small little spikes and all the details.

An attempt at self shot but the sun was too bright and my phone werent able to focus so the sunlight won.

View of the tallest point of the duomo. A statue in gold. Ermm, no idea who that is since we didnt pay for a guide. I figured i could always read up with the internet.

More details.

The clock above the duomo museum which we didnt go.

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