Its a day of neverending train rides!

Checking out of our hotel in milan ay 6.30am in the morning. Self shot at recept. Did you spot the new miu miu?

Check out my messy hair. Cant quite bother to maintain in italy especially with the winds blowing it into a mess every other moment.

One last shot of the duomo in darkness. We didnt have dinner the night before because we were too tired and all der did was buy macs back while i collapsed in bed.

Trenitalia. Expensive rides. Think we spent close to €400 for all the train rides that we’ll be taking for the entire trip. I think its equally expensive as compared to airfares, but thats not an option.

After 2 train rides, we finally arrived in pisa! We only had 15 mins to hop onto our trains at florence (firenze) and in a hectic frenzy, we managed to locate our train and hop on, only to realise that we should have deposited our bags in florence instead of lugging it all over with us, and had us paying twice the amount to deposit the bags (once in pisa and another time in florence). Well well, a lesson learnt.

Tadah! Standing in piazza del duomo and staring at the baptistry on the left and st. Mary cathedral on the right.

And the famous leaning tower of pisa!

Derrie posing with the tower.

Another shot with the cathedral in the background.

Grand awesomeness. I think the pisa is about 10 storeys tall (as compared to our hdb flats). We bought tickets to head up the tower (€15 each) and tickets (another €10 each) to visit other attractions like the cathedral, the bapistry, the cemetery and 2 of the museums. The thing is, there is only a limit on the number of people up the tower and they sell the tickets by the time slots available. We had to buy our tickets, head for lunch, visit the other attractions before popping back to the leaning tower of pisa. Do remember to deposit your bags at the bags deposit area (beside the ticketing office and its free) because no bags are allowed in the tower. I think its a fine idea because we left our stuff there for 2 grand hours and walked around the entire area baggage free (no worries of being robbed) and collected it when we were leaving for the train stations.

The baptistry is v interesting because at every 30 mins interval, there will be an echo demostration where you could hear the echos created reverberating off the walls and creating music in the process.

I realised i didnt take any pictures of the interior of the baptistry or the catherdral or the cemetry with my phone so i dont have pictures to show.

Here’s a cute one with x.silly sitting in my miu miu while we headed to this restuarant for lunch, with the leaning tower of pisa in full view.

Waiting for our lunch. The tower is right behind me where the picture is overexposed.

My vege soup, known as zuppa. Basically, its minestrone soup.

Bread, but this serving was as hard as rock.

Der’s seafood risotto. In my opinion, its crappy but der thinks its deli. I think its my tastebuds going wonky, but then again.. Im never a fan of risotto.

My spaghetti alla carbonara. Interesting bit is that the noodles are coated with egg bits throughout and its quite nice except that halfway through, i felt the egg smell was a little overpowering and decided to abort eating it.. Ends up in der’s stomach instead.

The happy boy.

Another view of the leaning tower of pisa.

Self shot from my phone.

Us. Stepping foot in pisa. Cant remember if this was at the foot of the tower or on the tower.

Top view of the cathedral and baptistry from the tower. The long building on the extreme right with the many windows is the cemetery.

Der taking a picture through a small little hole in the window from the bapistry.

The picture perfect scene looks exactly like the shot below. Its beautiful. Its no wonder they have that small little hole in the windows (on the second floor) for people to take pictures.

Frontal view of the cathedral witj the leaning tower in the background. With that, we nehon our little stroll back to the train station and ended the pisa portion of our journey.

We were earlier than we planned initially and we took the earlier train back to florence. I have no idea why, but everytime, our seats on the train aint together. Its always diagionally across from each other and its really strange to be sitting so close to and opposite a stranger, especially the leg room is a pain. I had this tall guy opposite me and i couldnt even move my legs without brushing against or hitting his legs, which is really annoying.

We had 2 hours to spare in florence before our connecting train so galivanting we went! Took this picture of a carousel because its so cheery and happy when i saw it.

A picture of the florence duomo which we got lost after because we didnt have a map of the place.

So, the one in milan is way too pretty innit?

All the touristy directional signs. They should include one on the train station!!

And because we got lost, we wasted a fair bit of time going in circles and didnt have time to take our dinner. We took a quick takeout of macs! For someone who hates fastfood, i actually had it twice for dinner in a row!

Picture of st. Mary novelle above. Pretty and grand.

Not sure whats this but it was quite near to the train station.

The train ride to venice was 2 hours and i slept through it. Arriving in venice was a nightmare….

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