its a pity weekends are always so short. Mine was especially short since i spent quite a bit of time sleeping, recuperating from the late night with the visit to the hospital.

i also managed to pack in some work and a wedding dinner, plus rounds of mahjong and a evening run with my lazy-boy-turned-personal-trainer! I finally broke the 6 weeks(!) exercise ban with 2 rounds around the park, only to slow to a brisk walk. i had wanted to do 8 rounds but i have difficulty breathing with the cough that i am still suffering. still, it’s a start!

and you know what’s most enjoyable? laughing my head off at the mobile ravers. there was a dance-off right outside the shop and omg, i am being captured in the video that’s loaded into U-Tube. can i be bimbo and say i look fat and short? anyway, i totally love the back spin done by the ang-moh and wow, the break dancers are really really coooOOool.

you can also read about it on the new paper.

so, i hope your weekend was as interesting as mine and hope everyone have a great work week!

my irritating der is off for a week and how i wish i could just throw my work aside and join him in just chilling out and doing nothing.

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