That’s the birthday cake my colleagues bought for me i dictated my colleagues to buy for me. Haha. Well, i must have the honour to choose a delicious cake for myself right? Originally wanted the banana chocolate cake from cheese cake cafe at siglap, but because they open only at 4.30pm, i had to choose this chocolate addiction from nydc. Still, it’s an all time favourite of mine.

And 28 candles! Also a dictation of mine.. Doncha think the cake is very pretty with all those little flames? More thrill factor too when you try to blow them out.

No surprise party for me. My seat was in such a prime location (at the entrance of the pantry), i could see what everyone is plotting.. So jen just conveniently told me.. “Ok, i’m not hiding the cake. Please make your way to the meeting room yourself.”

It was a nice cosy celebration. Only half the team was around because the other half were out rushing shoots and all. But still, i’m kinda glad since i’m spared from the usual personal affairs (usually RA) interrogation. Hee.

Simple, and nice. That’s how i turned 28.

Ok. More updates to come when i get home!

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