i am in a bad mood today. it started out ok, then it became worse and then i think it ended up really really sucky when it was evening.

back at home now and i think i had to declare this the worse day for 2007 thus far.

shan’t go into the details, it wont do me any good. all i have to say is.. when u err.. you are always remembered by that and no matter how much good you have done.. it does not help.

it REALLY does not help.

and when you try to be really positive and and be cheerful.. a huge truck must come along and knock you down.

maybe it’s me. maybe it’s my lack of luck. maybe it’s my lack of eloquent speech. maybe it’s because i am really clueless.

please stop telling me i’m 27 and i should be sensible enough. i am just emotionally unstable. i feel like checking into a mental hospital and have my brains checked.

i think i am all ready to go mad.

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