i was at the doc’s yesterday, complaining abt the headache that i so frequently get these days. after a long series of tests on me, he concluded i was facing a lot of stress at work. tension headache is what i have. and that’s the cause of my insomnia too.

am i really stressed? he wanted to give me an MC for today, but i told him no. i had stuff to finish. he smiled and said, “must learn how to relax and not think about work all the time k?”

after what i felt was a long and tiring day last nite, i headed to bed feeling very tired at 1+. i couldnt sleep. tried sleeping in all sorts of positions, on my left, on my right, curled up, face down, straight up and even upside down! at 3 am, i turned on the lights frustrated and decided to work on project ding dong.

half an hr later, my head is pounding, and it didnt feel good. shut the lights and tried to grab a wink. at near 4am, the lights were back on, and this time i tried reading. i finished a chapter and a half and am still wide awake. urgh.

imagine the frustration i had!! was utterly pissed with myself, for not being able to ease into sleep. somehow, i fell asleep much later (dunno when) and woke at 7am this morning, feeling that i havent slept at all.


and the bus made me wait for 20 mins. supposedly to be on time and ended up very late. it’s quite a bad start for the weekend if u asked me.