I am the girl who first came across this meme in Mr brown’s blog and saw it again in others’ blog like kenny sia’s, mydivinehaven‘s and i can’t remember who else.

I am the daughter who robbed my mum of her master bedroom so that she’ll get to sleep in the only aircon room because she cant stand the heat.

I am the baby whom never sucked on a pacifier cos her mum didnt think it was good for the baby.

I am the child that roamed the streets at the tender age of 6 because her parents didnt have the time to care for her.

I am the kid who gets money in return for cleaning up the house for her my mum cos she was so busy working and never had the time for it.

I am the only grand daughter that her maternal grandparents have visiting them every year.

I am the kid who worked in durian plantations and all sorts of other fruit plantation during her primary school holidays and sell these fruits in pasar malam over the weekend in a small town in m’sia called rengam.

I am the niece who loves techie gifts and sponsered overseas trips from her uncles and aunts.

I am the girl who’s heart you stole 11 years ago over a chalet gathering.. and who’s heart you broke weeks later immediately after a memorable christmas..

I am the sister who beat the pulp outta you only to have u do the same to her when u grew so much bigger in sec school.

I am the sister whom spent days sparing with u with a kitchen knife in one hand and a chair in another, smashing all the glass items in the house.

I am the sister whom you bought an ipod photo for.

I am the sister who bugs you for another episode of japanese anime.

I am the daughter who plays hard, never bothering to study but yet still manages to pass every exam.

I am the daughter whom despite a problematic heart, decided against all odds to indulge in sports and excel in it.

I am the girl whom loved you still after all these years.. not knowing how to stop despite being disappointed tonnes of times and sticking to it despite having a less than regular relationship.

I am the girl who sometimes wish that life would become much simpler and that it wasnt always such a struggle to get through to the next day.

I am the girl who grew up in a broken family filled with daily fights and shouting and determined to make her own marriage work in the future.

I am the daughter whom you never tried talking to, never tried understanding but still appreciate the little things that you do at the bottom of my heart.

I am the daughter who told loads of lies to make you feel better and to put you at ease.

I am the hyper girl known as siao char bor in tp.

I am still the hyper girl, but less carbonated now in the working society.

I am the daughter whom despised you for not letting her study in uni and think that girls shouldnt study so much.

I am the daughter who is determined to make it through uni with good results to prove that you are terribly wrong for not allowing her to study.

I am the girlfriend who is so proud of you and all your achievements in work as well as academically.

I am the girl who will never falter as your best friend, despite us not spending a lot of time together and missing out a huge chunk of each others’ life.

I am the girl who had a mean mouth with harsh words but meant only the best for you. the truth always hurts, but nothing is better than the truth rite?

I am the girl whom frank comments hurt you umpteen times but you still stayed by my side as a platonic friend for so many years.

I am the girl whom u saw through many break ups and stood by my side without much comments.

I am the grand daughter who secretly wish she could speak teochew better so that she can communicate with you much more.

I am the girl who seemed confident all the time but yet feel so vulnerable and insecure with everyone she meets.

I am the girl who is closer to her aunt than her mum for obvious reasons of communication and mindset.

I am the girl who never quite meant her words during quarrelling.

I am the girlfriend who never quite know how to embrace the love of another after being together with you for so many years.

I am the girlfriend who tried to change you for the better but failed and decided to join you instead.

I am the friend whom misses you each time you travel and never quite feel whole without your presence online.

I am the girl who wishes the best for you after all these years and hoping you’ll be fine with your new gf.

I am the girl who never really had many good friends but appreciated all those that came into her life and made her what she is today.

I am the girl who is still searching for someone who is born on the same day, month and year.

I am the daughter who wears the mortar board for graduation and you never got to see.

I am the niece who loves taking photographs after being lectured by you after taking many not so nice shots while we were in florida.

I am the girlfriend who wished you had much more time to spend with her, shower her with loads of attention and TLC.

I am the girlfriend who secretly wish to spend the rest of her life with you, but you never showed any signs that might be possible in the future.

I am the girlfriend whom sometimes doesnt see her future with you, but is determined to stay by your side.

I am the friend who tries to put in extra effort into our friendship, hoping that we’ll be friends for life.

I am the girl who is blogging at work now and waiting for knock off time.

I am the girl who needs to log off now.

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!