i am so brain dead, i am staring a list of to-list things and the brain simply refused to think anymore.

so i have to resort to doing a bit of frivolous things. like blogging. it takes my mind to this place with bright sunlight and chirpy birds that cheers me up instantly.

ok. am day-dreaming.

so, the other day I was talking about the new bag that i have. here’s the pictures for comparison!

and no, i didn’t DI the color. It’s 2 different bags. so which is better?

not like i can change mine now. still.. der says i can buy the other color if i want (i wont!).

met up with jen yesterday for dinner and she very nicely told me that i don’t have to return her the money for the bag. it’s gonna be my birthday present for the year! so nice right?! it’s my earliest birthday present!

thanks babe. you are the best. the next dinner’s on me… (yes, yes, before you start the rant on the whole-day steamboat in your house and all the wine, cheese, brie whatever. ha.)

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