i havent had dinner, which also means i havent taken my medication because it is supposed to be taken after food.

i am not hungry yet. the tummy has been churning the entire day. my mouth feels bitter all the time and i have the urge to retch. think the pills are making me more sick than i am, so i stopped taking the pills since the pain has been bearable.

without the boy by my side, i just feel more miserable than i already am. 🙁

at least looking at this cheers me up!

this was taken on friday morning at ngee ann city’s lego shop. brought mum to have dim sum in the morning and while waiting for our turn, i was up to my usual mischief and played with the kid’s lego. when der realised that i was trying to put together a heart shape, he helped to look for all the correct coloured tiles. so sweet right? although it has been absolutely ridiculous for 2 adults to be squatting at the kids play area.. but i like the fact that der played along with me and it turned out to be a happy moment when it was completed.

as for the dim sum, i went back to nan bei imperial restaurant again because mum and gor haven’t been there before and they are HUGE fans of dim sum. this time round, we ordered even more food!

i think gor really can eat because he had multiples of the above food category.. like 3 trays of har kau, 2 trays of carrot cake etc..

the verdict? gor says some of the stuff are not nice by his standards and i had a bad experience with my kidney porridge. it smells quite badly and the kidneys were not as fresh as i would like them to be.

oh wells. one thing for sure – their egg tarts still rocks!

wonders when will be the next time i’ll step my foot in there again.

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