when he’s asleep. I think all babies look angelic when they sleep. I love unwinding my day, lying in bed, and just staring.. before drifting off myself.


its like an unsung lullaby.


this baby, I think he has an internal compass in his body or something. he disagrees with our bed orientation and always turn himself around every night, placing his head near our feet. we’ll turn him around a few times each night, only to wake and see him back in the same direction / position. we are so afraid of kicking him in his face that we sometimes turn ourselves around and join him.


I used to disagree with co-sleeping. I need my space but I have to admit there are joys in it too. like opening your eyes and seeing an angelic face (or in my case, tiny fat toes) greeting you in the morning. or have your eyes jabbed open by tiny fingers, and wide, bright eyes. 


and of cos, the intoxicating smell of baby. Yums.
good night. I’m drifting off to slumberland now. can barely keep my lids open.