i was home early this evening and was trying my darnest best to catch a nap and the phone had to keep ringing/beeping at every 5 minutes interval!!!

i so feel like throwing my phone down the toilet bowl. so i am very very very tired now. woke at 6.30am this morning you know?


back to the topic. the stupid thing i did. i was at the kitchen window earlier and saw the pretty sky in hues of red and blue, covered with a blanket of birds. so my instinct was to grab my nikon and run upstairs and to the end of the block to take some solid pictures (thinking the view at the 11th storey is gonna be way better than a 4th storey). only to realize that there was totally NO VIEW for me to take the pictures from the corridor. so i came running back into the house and rushed into the kitchen, getting ready to snap away but the sun has set, and the beautiful sky is gone.

argh. feel so silly can?!

well, at least i did a quick workout and came back panting. that’s at least an achievement. no?

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