everyone i met recently keep telling me i looked very tired. i met johnny for lunch today and he said i looked really haggard.

and i thought with all the runs put in, i should be more alert and awake.

but no. i struggle to stay awake every night when i reach home, and i feel sleepy every time i am at work.

and i almost cant be here typing this entry now.

last friday, i almost died.

i left work at 1+am in the morning, after all the madness at work, the packing and leaving ayer rajah for good. i was dead tired and was driving myself home. i reached a junction, the lights were red and i slowed to a STOP.

and while staring blankly in the air, my mind registered the lights turned green.. so i stepped onto the pedal and move forward. and in the middle of the junction, i realised i was the only car that moved, and there were a stream of headlights on my right.

the lights did turn green, but it was not meant for my direction. a series of honking and high beams later, i found myself on the other side of the junction, untouched, and surrounded by a lot more honks, some very nasty stares and this idiotic red-plated driver that over-take me and slammed his brakes in front of me, waiting for me to crash into him.

what an asshole, but i braked in time.

i was so shaken, i couldn’t really drive after.. the lucky thing was i was already in sembawang road which was quite near to home. it was also the fateful night that i dropped my precious dslr..

der found me to be in a mess when i got home, and he was so worried he came downstairs to fetch me home.

i guess i should listen to my body and grab more winks whenever i can.

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