I couldnt have been more glad when weekend came last week. saturday marks the end of my solo parenting stint (yes, again) when der came back from china in the wee hours of the morning. i was struggling on the days he aint around because the round-the-clock every 3hrs feed is quite a killer on top of a active toddler. i have been sick for a while and i just never got the chance to rest properly and recover at all (or even pay a visit to the doc). the bad news is, my throat is a lot more inflammed than it was before, and i really feel quite under the weather.


c: i’m sick, i need to go on 2 days mc.
d: take mc from who?
c: you. i need a break from this parenting gig.
*silence for the next 10mins 


with der back, it was a busy weekend (vaccination, warehouse sale shopping, home appliances shopping and we also caught a children’s play). i wrote a blog entry on it earlier but found the post missing a while ago just when i was going to post it. grrr!


we had brunch with the usual duo (andy + gf and cindy) before spending the rest of the sunday chilling and doing some light grocery shopping.


we had dinner at wendy’s and the husband couldnt believe his ears when i suggested wendy’s. i dont usually do fast food but had a light bulb moment about trying their baked potatoes so thats what we had.

this isnt the most flattering image but i had to document this moment for him. reckon he needs some photograhic evidence as memory.

meanwhile, this kid is also happily loading up on the fries and ketchup on the side. we let him be because we were both really tired (he from his work trip and me, from solo parenting). i guess a cute picture made up for all the guilt.


he also drank mouthfuls of coke when der gave him the last bits of his coke to bribe him into the stroller so we could shop for groceries in peace not having to run after a kid down the supermarket isles. jerry, however, attracted loads of stares from the people in the supermarket as he broke the cup cover and was happily savouring the ice bits. and that was when we had this convo.


c: a lot of people are staring at us and at jerry. i think they must be thinking.. these parents are terrible. how can they let a kid play/eat ice?
d: well, dont bother. these people dont know how terrible a kid we have and how terrible it would be if we let him out.


i just had to chortle at his comment.


yeah, to the hell with others’ judgement. parenting in itself is a tough enough job.