am doing some self-cheering up and take my mind of work for some 10 mins. my head is hurting from too much stress and because there are still quite a bit to do, i need a breather.

and yup, here’s some happy things.

on the recent trip to south africa, i was eyeing this dior make up kit from kris shop but i didnt manage to purchase because i was enjoying the movies thinking that i have the entire journey but conveniently forgotten about it. so, i got the boy who was travelling the day i got back to help me buy! it came much bigger than i expected it to be though, not quite what i thought it to be…

and then… there was the present from the boy! he haven’t bought me a present from his trips of late, so when i got this.. i was an estactic kid!

my first pair of chanel earrings

very happy with my ‘bling’ and the boy for choosing such a nice present!

and, even the kiddos got present. I am so jealous lor!

that’s x.silly greedily grabbing the 2 packets of piggy gummy sweets.

argh. i want to go home and snuggle with x.silly and sleep! rest is much appreciated.

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