i meant that literally.

this evening, jerry as usual is testing his limits with his surroundings. i have totally given up on how monkey he is or can be. it must be my active genes or a boys thing.


he was playing by himself by gently knocking his head against the wall. he found it super funny. my aunt tried to stop him but he just did it more thinking it was really fun. i was in the next room checking on my mails when i heard was a loud cry and i found him crying non stop. so apparently, he swing and whacked his head really hard against the wall (there happen to have a thin plank against the wall) and he hit the corner of the plank. i went to check on him and thought it was a simple knock only to find a bump and blood.


my heart almost stopped. while i could imagine his pain, the pain was intensified on me in terms of an heartache. i immediately tried to ice it, only to have the boy snatching the cold pack from me to play (his monkeyness knows no limit) and.i figured he probably would be ok. i slapped on some zam buk on the wound and reported the incident to the husb.


i wish my son was only half as active. just yesterday, he dropped a whole box of bottled bird nest on his toe..

it was so bad.. it was bleeding (skin had a tear, and there was a huge blood clot underneath the nail), he was limping and crying non stop for an hour or more. even when he woke from his nap, the first thing he told me was to point to his tow and said pain pain..


when will he ever learn. my heart is so weak now with his daily accidents. my aunt who is over visiting for a week commented that there are so many bruises on him that she cant count.


sigh. how could i possibly cushion pad everything to prevemt him from injuring himself so frequently?