why is it that the weekends always pass u by without noticing it? it’s sunday already?!

spent the whole of yesterday afternoon in the office before the 2 hungry girls (agnes & me) stomped out of the office at 5pm to go grab some food. funny thing is we both ate heavy breakfast at 11am and we were hungry before 3pm was up!

anyhow, she bought me to this korean restaurant somewhere in chinatown. woots, i almost ordered and gobbled everything down! my favourite was the refillable sides. kimchi! huimin and kelvin (or was it kevin) joined us for dinner and i kinda enjoyed myself over a funny dinner filled with jokes and evil thoughts.

shopped at chinatown(i discovered a treasure cove for business wear!) but unfortunately, the shops were all closing. it was fortunate in some ways because i was entirely broke this month.. due to much unforeseen circumstances.

well.. am praying for the month to pass quickly and that i can better manage my finances. am also worried about something else that may potentially drained all my savings. please pray for me and i pray hard that it is just incessant worrying on my part.

ok. off to check off items on my to-do list!

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