Last sunday, I attended my colleague’s wedding. Probably the most chilled wedding I attended ever. Everything was done elegantly, the wedding montage was simple and classic, the pictures were all oozing with the couple’s personality, there wasn’t much fanfare which is really nice, no fake cake cutting, no yum seng (just a simple toast) and much of the time spent was really spending quality time chatting with the guests and simply enjoying themselves. It’s makes me want to re-do my wedding all over again. Ok. I’m joking, but it was really simple and nice. And classy.

Me love.

The food was delish and the pace of the food was good, allowing a lot of time for the guests to mingle and because it was lunch, no one was in a real hurry to get anywhere or leave, which was pretty cool by my standards. The food serving was all individually plated, and tasted really nice though the service really sucked because there weren’t enough server/guest ratio that despite umpteen requests, we were not served our water/wine/red cut chilli/chilli padi/orange juice/tea/sprite. Otherwise, it would have been really perfect.

I also love the simple table decor and the table name cards that were held together with wine cork.

Feeling a bit creative, I started playing with the flowers from the table decorations.

Shark’s fin. I feel a little guilty eating that with all the awareness that’s going around these days with sharks killing. My mantra for now is that I won’t buy to create demand, but if people do serve me.. I won’t let it go to waste since the deed has been done. I also love the abalone/spinach/mushroom combination. Prolly my favorite dish out of the entire menu, with the fish following closely behind.

And my team mates!

Not all are present though.. My bosses weren’t around that day and the whole bunch of us has fun camwhoring. The surprise came when Ian did his speech which was rather light hearted and funny.. and then he gave special thanks to me (!!) for covering him while he had to leave early. It came as a surprise to me because I didn’t do much actually but was glad that I made a difference in others’ life. As I grow older these days, I do think I want to try and bring happiness and joy to people around me, however small and insignificant an act of kindness may be.. Because a little goes a long way. It’s also how I want to bring my jerry up in the future so that he can be someone kind.

It seems that a lot of people got hitched this month. I know of another Ian that got married too. =)

Have you been to a wedding that’s really nice and chilled lately? Mine was FAR from it because with big families and really really old grandparents, I really don’t mind indulging in them and making them happy. After all, weddings are all about family gatherings and I’m glad in a way that my wedding was one event that brought my family attendance to a new high. I don’t even see all of them during the Chinese new year.

Looking forward to the next wedding that I’m attending in dec.. =)

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