ok ok. this news is late. but for those who dont know yet, IM BACK IN SINGA LAND!

the first thing that hit me, was the heat wave. WOW. sodarnhot! sweat like mad, like a pig, like the sweat were being gushed out after a fortnight of suppressing.

constantly wet at all times. please pardon me if i smell, cos im not quite used to it especially after such cold weather in the states. it’s been a stressful time since i got back. unpack, get ready for interview, rush home to change, see doc, rush to class, meet wei for dinner and was so tired that i konked out at 10pm, without having a proper chat with wei. i didnt even have a chance to see him look at the meagre stuff that i bought him.

woke this morning at 7+, came home from wei’s house, had breakfast, chat with mum a little, catch up on blog entries and now, im am kinda late for a lunch appointment.

will update more. i have LOADS to say.

stuff like the flight home, my elephant leg process, the PHOTOS, the interview and many others. for now, i gotta run!!!!!!!