for once in a long long while.. i am early for work! and because of that… today shall be a happy day!! even tho im dog-tired..

i finally finished wrapping all the christmas presents that i bought (not many tho), and writing all the cards. I don’t know if they’ll arrive before christmas tho. Guess it’s ok lah, should be fine since it’s the thought that counts right?

today is a freaking long day and super busy day for me. 3 major meetings, and a christmas party at the chalet tonight. wow. i don’t know how i could survive since i slept only 4 hrs last night and tonight’s the night filled with booze and gorging. did i mention that i have to come to work from the chalet tomorrow as well? so blah just thinking about it, but its ok. i will SURVIVE!

mind over body. mind over body. happy girl can survive everything. 🙂

alrighty! time to start a hectic day!

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