thanks to those that have asked. the boy is ok now. still weak and resting at home, he managed to head home from A&E of tts after a jab and 2 bags of glucose drip. gave me a big scare, really.

i haven’t been in the best of health either. I had been coughing madly since the whole of yesterday, battling a irritable throat, and now… i’m feeling feverish. i went to the doc’s 3 times this week, and i am supposed to be on mc today.

that aside, i have been getting bruises on my body for no apparent reason. not that i know of anyway, and i seriously don’t remember knocking into anything. especially since some of the bruises appear at the inner arms or inner thighs.

so, i requested for a blood test at one of the trips to the doc and i picked up the report yesterday. turns out, i am slightly anemic.


i am supposed to load up on meat, liver and spinach.. but i eat spinach almost every other week!! so if i don’t, does that mean my anemia is worse?

anyhow, the doc also mentioned that basic blood test that i took couldn’t tell why i was bruising. Seeing my bruises, the doctor recommended me to see a specialist.. so yeah. looks like i’ll be popping by the clinics and hospitals very frequently.

i hope i’ll be ok.

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