i’ve been wanting to blog abt this, but somehow, the series of events that happened didnt allow me to.

with an unstable connection in the office today, i hope i can manage to post this before the connection goes off again. nobody knows what is wrong, and nobody can do anything abt it. blah!

i just want to say.. im fine, thanks!

a lot of people have been showing me concern of late. i have people sending me sms asking me if im alright outta the blue, and a lot of people asking if im ok. and it amuses me to a certain extent cos im not too sure why everyone is asking me the same question each time they talk to me.

and i found out. my msn nicks has been very depressing, or negative. Oops. sorry people.. i have been feeling kinda emotional over some issues.. hence the reasons for the nicks. but im fine, seriously. i guess life is never smooth sailing for everyone and all the little struggles in our lives make us a stronger person. i definitely want to be one. i appreciate all those that have showed concern. makes my world a brighter one and a warmer one too!

it cheers me up to know people care. i’ll make a mental note to do that more often to my friends as well. it’s such a nice feeling.