this is depressing. i only have 4 working days left before the vietnam trip to complete all my work and i am feeling so so deflated.

i just realised yesterday that i am on course for 3 full days next week. Argh! drove me into panic mode immediately because there is so much to be done at this point in time!

even my colleagues commented that i am very quiet these days in the office. i am madly rushing but yet, there is still so much undone.

demoralized. 🙁

on other news.. i have also confirmed air tickets for travel plans in the month of july!

things are just gonna be oh-so-packed. I only have 8 working days between the 2 trips to clear all my work before i jet off for another holiday. Yay! am glad that i am realizing my dreams. some time last year or early this year, i remember mentioning in one of my blog post that i would want to visit vietnam or taiwan next and i’m so gonna realise it in the next 1 month! plus another hongkong trip as the icing for the cake. 🙂

the thing is.. i haven’t done any research or hotel booking for taiwan at all. very the unprepared i would say.. looking at the time i have left on my hands.

ok. it’s back to work. i need more e n e r g y …

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