my shoulders are so aching from fatigue. it must be the long hours in front of the computer. I can’t relax and i tend to tense up my shoulders subconsciously when i work.

my watch is irritating the hell outta me. it’s a tad too lose. last week, it was a tad too tight, leaving marks on my hands after wearing for a couple of hours. i think i have gotten fatter cos 2 of my watches are tight. i had them brought to the watch shop last week to belt extended, and now, it’s a tad too lose even though i only added one more piece of bracket for the chain. for BOTH watches. how annoying.

i think im born a weird size. my shoe size is between a 5 & 6 also. 5 is too tight and 6 is too loose. hardly i can find shoes sized 5.5 that fits me perfectly.

my thighs are terribly huge for my built, and my waist is too skinny for them. get pants that fit my waist, the thigh area looks like dumplings, snugly wrapped. fit the thighs comfortably, i can put both hands into my pants. my shoulders are another problematic area. realised i never quite wear stuff with sleeves if i can? fit my shoulders, the torso is really loose. fit my torso, my shoulders feel uncomfortable cos the sleeves cut into my shoulders. im prob. not the only person having all these problems, but having them altogether does seem annoying at times.

but nonetheless, im trying to feel happy today despite the amount of work waiting to be done. in other news, i think the boy recently sorta become a changed person. for the last 2 weeks at least, and im enjoying it for now. definitely made my spirits better in some ways. 🙂

ok, ’nuff of blabbers. back to work.

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