it’s a lot more freezing here (vernon hills), but still a lot bearable as compared to what i experienced in new york last year.

touched now at noon here yesterday, and went on a little adventure on my own, calling for a taxi and then making my way to the hotel some 40 mins away. that was by far the most expensive cab ride for me thus far. it’s 37usd (plus tips) and the driver got lost and couldn’t find the hotel.


thank god i printed out the hotel full address complete with driving instructions and the hotel’s number.

napped the afternoon away and just had dinner at a outlet area abt 30 mins drive from here. nothing much to buy.. also no luggage space for anything else.

i didn’t sleep well last nite. put 2 light sleepers on a queen sized bed, and u turn and toss the whole night, and after hours in the dark.. u just lie awake. :/

chicago is very much like seattle, or rather.. more like lynnwood or belleuve. it really looks pretty much the same.

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