these days my stomach seemed to be acting up a lot. every time after i eat, i get the urge to retch. tried to cut the in-take of tea but still.. looks like my diet of food with loads of chilli padi is not doing my stomach any good at all.

yesterday, i had this sharp pain annoying me the entire day. it didn’t ease even when night came. I had already asked mum to cook steamboat for sunday some time during the week, so even with the pain, i still sat in front of the steamboat and gorged myself silly.

steamboat’s my favourite! so i couldn’t resist and i was so full that i felt pregnant (haha!). anyhow, i went to bed a happy lark but i suffered the pain this morning. the pain still persisted and i decided i really needed to see a doctor.

doctor said i shouldnt be greedy. 3 small meals is better than 1 big meal. i should really stop gorging because when the doc was pressing my stomach, it was pain everywhere. =(

am going to rest in bed!

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