suddenly i have gone silent in lj. the reason? im in pain and cant move about freely as i used to. i went skiing 2 days ago.. it was quite a fun experience until i went up the ski lift. it’s a huge place and there’s wasnt signs to which are the easier slope.

my uncle, seeing a whole bunch of kids age 5-6 going up this ski lift and asked me to tag along. turns out, on the ski lift, i found out from the couple seated with me that this is more for intermediate/advance skiers and up! definitely not a first timer like me.


i got freaked out as we got higher and jumping off the ski lift was a scary experience, going down a mini ski slope. the lady from the couple was an extremely nice person, she helped me down the slope and taught me tactics to keep myself going. i was managing it fine halfway down the slope.

the problem is, i can SKI but not BRAKE!

so, as i keep going down the slope, the speed got faster and faster and the slope, steeper and steeper! to a point it really freaked me out cos i was going so fast, i cant bear the thoughts of raming into someone down the slope.

i tried to brake, didnt work, lost my balance and a twist in the air before falling into a bundle in the snow, star shaped. it was SO PAINFUL that i thought i broke my right leg. couldnt move, the pain was too much. i shouted to have my skis taken off, while i lay there, not moving an inch. someone has called the ski petrol.

the pain got lesser as time passed, i was abt to lift my legs and wiggle my toes. and lift my legs. the people there are so nice. each and everyone who went past me, asked if i needed the ski petrol, and if i was alright.

lie in the snow to enjoy the scenery. WOW. i wish i had my camera with me to take pictures to show u people. it’s ultimate breathtaking. the snow alps all over and not a single building in sight. the ski petrol came, checked my bones and said it’s fine. asked if i wanted to head for their medical center to have it checked, but i refused (cos i was BROKE), i could walk and they gave me a courtesy ride down the slope.

that pretty much ended my first skiing experience. i couldnt walk/climb/jump without feeling pain.