Hmmm.. here i am sitting in my fbt shorts and racerback in seattle. settled in nicely after having breakfast (my favourite pho!!), went to the licensing department to book a test date and then went around with my aunt to run some errands.

by the time i get back in the house, everyone on msn is in away mode. away in dreamland. 🙂

the flight’s kinda over in a breeze this time. i slept throughout the 2 flights and i’m SO amazed by my sleeping ability. the only bad thing is i have a stiff neck and wandered a bit in the seattle airport while waiting for my aunt to appear.

the weather is good. am loving it! cool refreshing air and sunny. prob. a tad cool for most people.. but i like!

ok. logging off. gotta set up my “systems” here to operate fully.. meaning installing my photoshop and what nots.

stay tuned for more updates!

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