Arrived in shanghai yesterday afternoon.. And spent my first hour going through bad traffic and horrible driving to get to Bernice’s apartment in huai hai.

We chilled the evening away in her nice ascott apartment before heading out for my favorite steamboat dinner at hai di lao at 金玉兰广场。

While the prices ain’t cheap, I must say the service is exemplary. They really amaze me with the little things they do..

First, I had my jacket and bag in the chair next to me so they provided a cloth to cover up the stuff and gave me an apron to wear so that my clothes will not be dirty.. Then, because I had long hair, they gave me a brand new rubber band to tie up my hair..

I then left my phone on the table (with bernice sitting there, of cos!) to check out the various dipping sauces and when I got back, the server was holding on to my phone and slotting it into a ziplock bag so that it will not get dirty or wet! Well, I’m mighty impressed!

Bernice also got her phone in the bag as well..

It was wayyyy too much food and we were struggling from fatigue (it was really late and we both haven’t slept much the night before) so we didn’t have the energy to attempt to finish it.

But it was good and yummy and a hearty meal for our famish tummies. We promptly got back home and I crashed out shortly after my shower.

And there, my first evening in shanghai.

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