the time where lights at most households are switched off, the hour where most would have curled up in bed or snuggling with their love ones..

here i am, vetting through my visuals and artwork and sending out work emails. my monday whizzed by so fast that i am madly chasing the clock. there is just too much to be done and as much as i tried to speed up on everything.. i can’t catch up.

just sent another resume out today. think it’s quite a healthy record of 1 stab in grabbing a chance of a better job everyday. just for the record, i am not DYING to change the job. i am still able to be quite sane and pull my myself out of bed to head for work. i am still happy doing the things i do.. but who knows.. maybe a better opportunity would come knocking?

i won’t know till i try.

feeling freaking tired now and i guess i have to turn in now. it will be a long week of extremely late nights. wish me well and hopefully, through it all.. i’ll get to keep my sanity for good.

good night folks!