here i am, awake and for the last 30 mins, toggling between the idea of flopping into my bed or fulfill the duties of mother cow. trust me, the former seems so enticing but the tingling pain is a reminder of the agonizing consequence that i would have to suffer in the morning if i chose the latter.

so in the mean time, i have taken to multi-task and make full use of my time. i am updating my iphone 3Gs to iOS5!

have you done it yet? if you haven’t, and have heard that it would wipe out all your apps.. yes. it does, but only if you didn’t back-up all your app purchases (right click on your phone in itunes and transfer purchase). or at least, according to what the husband says. I am trying it now and well, i shall update and let you know if that’s accurate. the husband didn’t do that step though and he wiped out all his apps. No loss to him though, he feels its a great opportunity to help clean up his phone once and for all!

and if you are doing the back-up, could i just remind you that once the backup is done (or seems like its done), do not plug out your phone yet. it would do an auto-back-up into your phone after the installation, so wait for that!

if you haven’t done it, read 5 things to do before you upgrade to ios 5. thing is, i read it after i did it… so yeah, read it cos it’s rather useful. it is also probably a very good idea to set aside a few hours to do this and where you can keep your phone plugged in the entire time for the back-up, download, installation, back-up/restore process. it is also dependent of how much (junk) you keep in your phone, so it is also a good idea to clean up your phone before upgrading to save you some time.


meanwhile, this weekend flashed by really fast for me. my aunt is in town (again!), i had to attend a work event and i haven’t really done much since Jerry has been battling a low-grade fever for the past 3 days and had been super cranky. which translates to me being SUPER sleep deprived.

sleep deprivation really makes you do things that you usually wont do.

like snapping at the hubby and screaming because he WOKE ME UP after i accidentally doze off and i went… why the hell do you wake me up for because im so bloooooooooody tired!! (process to thrash my legs violently on the bed and let out a series of whines)

thing is, he was really just being nice (sorry baby!). because i was trying to update my iOS earlier this evening and doze off even before i started. and i fumbled back under my blanket and slept like a baby. never mind the fact that i wasn’t even looking after my own baby. i was that tired.

when i finally woke past midnight, the baby was sleeping with my mum (and still cranky as ever) and my mum decided that the baby would sleep with her tonight so that i can rest. for the first time ever, i didnt resist the idea and was actually quite glad that i could clock in some uninterrupted sleep. (oops. i just heard Jerry cranking up again in next door)

i’m in disbelief. you mean the weekend is gone and i will be heading back to work in another 5 hours?!

ok. actually, i think i did do something meaningful for the weekend. I organized a primary school class gathering (OMG right?!). It’s not really “class” because only 6 of us showed up in the end (2 couldn’t make it last minute) and there were a few more whom i forgot to extend the invite to..(oops) and some where there was no response from them (what a pity). it was quite fun, and the hours just flew by and i kinda wished we had more time to catch up. everyone was trying the connect the dots of our past and it was funny knowing that some got all the names wrong, some don’t remember our teachers at all. interestingly, for someone who is not very active in class activities or click with the classmates (i hang out mostly with my ECA mates), i had the most contacts of everyone in the class and have been crowned the “organizer” for our future meetings.

we should do one with our form teacher soon! maybe i should organize a christmas party or something. unfortunately, i don’t have the luxury of my own house to do something like that so that it’s easier and not so much of a headache to think of where to go. i should go ask if anyone would mind volunteering their love nest for the event since almost everyone is married and have their own abode.

and yelps! i FORGOT to take a group picture! and all the while i was enjoying myself tremendously with the company of my ex-classmates, the husband is home, looking after the baby (and having a hard time).

so yeah, i should be thankful.

but i am also dreading the coming week. the husband is jetting off again later in the evening for a week, so it’s yet another tough week ahead! I do hope everyone else is gonna have a better week than me!

meanwhile, i am going to work on my positivism and also, cram in as much sleep i can have for the next few hours without the baby! goodie night!

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