it’s really easy to tell if im having a good life or not.. and whether i am really busy at work.

the frequency of me updating my blog tells a great deal. more so, if most of them are mobile entries. i am stretched so thin this week, and i am flying off in a jet plane in less than 36 hours.

i didn’t even had the time to check out my flight itinerary yet. -_-”’

my bro gave me a scare when he reminded me about my passport not being the bio-metric type yesterday. a quick check and a call to the US embassy + ICA confirmed that my outdated passport but machine readable passport is valid for entry into the states. i was really freaked out when he told me the regulations seems to have changed. anyway, im lugging along my old passport along for safety. my 10 year old US visa is still valid.

i haven’t had the time to start packing thinking what to pack until last night. looking at the time and the work, i don’t know how i am gonna survive.

on the health note, my annoying cough seems to be getting worse these days. i feel like im coughing my lungs out! think the winter in seattle is gonna kill me when im there. 🙁

took loads of pictures in the last week, much to say but haven’t had the time. am hoping to squeeze some time out to see if i can make collages for the past week by tonight. for now, i only have pictures of last wednesday. the day when the team gave chey her farewell lunch.

somehow, i wasn’t feeling really great that day and didnt eat as much or take as much photos. thinking about it, actually i haven’t been eating much these days. each time i order loads of food with the intention to finish, i never do. i always feel sick in the stomach in the midst of my meals these days. what is wrong with me?

am i going to hell soon?

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