it’s amazing how a single incident can change one’s perception of some things.

the song lao shu ai da mi has kind of been over exposed over the media some time back, and somehow that annoying tune never fails to irritate me when i hear it.

something miraculous happened yesterday.

wei sent me this mms..

wo ai ni, ai zhe ni, jiu xiang lao shu ai da mi…

the rat in the picture was a gift from me. many years back, when i was still a poor student in tp. and i actually bought that from the tp book store. the persevere sign is also a gift from me, to inspire and motivate him when work gets really tough. it bears the message in fine print, “tough times dont last, tough people do”. and i thought it was cute that he snapped a picture of that and send it to me yesterday. when i wasnt exactly in high spirits. wat an apt timing.

and every time i hear the song now, it brings a smile to my face. and i would even sing along it. now, isnt human beings really complex creatures?