The kind of face that you come home to and makes all your frigging fatigue melt away and cast all that worries and stress to thousands of miles away that you don’t even remember they exist.

If it is, it ain’t happening to me. I am suffering from a terrible headache the entire day, likely from the lack of sleep (he kept crying in the middle of the night these days like NON STOP in his sleep and nothing would soothe him until we cradle him in our arms. I’m baffled!) and the budding stress from timelines at work is not making it better. I feel like I am in the shoes of the legendary monkey god with a ever tightening band on my head. Makes me wonder if I should continue putting myself in such stressful situations because it’s bad for health. By the way, stress is cancer causing. Heh.

I also admit that I don’t have the strongest of maternal instincts to want to spend time with the kid all the time. Some times, I just wish I could have some time alone, not doing anything and actually have a window to nap or just simply go into a daze not thinking of anything because being a mum is actually quite trying. But, I know it’s quite impossible to even think about it.

Guess the 2 weeks trip to the states was really the best offer and escapade I had and could ever dream for so I must really count my blessings.

I totally forgot to jot this down. On his last visit to the pediatrician on 8 Sep, he has grown quite a bit to 63cm tall, 6.36kg and with a head circumference of 41cm. I thought he looked taller today when I came home and tried to measure his height. He seemed to have grown 2cm taller yet again.

Jerry has been drooling quite a bit lately and I have been suspecting that he is teething because he likes to chew his finger so much these days and I could roughly make out the shape of 2 teeth at the side of his gums. At 4.5 months old, I feel a sharp edge on this gum today even though I cannot see the pearly white yet. The books I read sure didn’t mention about teething as this month’s milestones so I think he is early in this aspect. I actually cannot wait to see his cute teeth though it would mean he will soon become a biting little monster!

hey look! His hands are gone!

I tucked his hands into his pants the other day because the chewing on his hands action is getting to me. I keep beating his hands and giving him an alternative (plush toy) to chew on but he just put his hands into the mouth non stop. The drill goes like it. I smack left hand, pull it out, in goes the right hand. Smack right hand, pull it out, in goes the left hand. Repeat with infinity. When u hold both hands, he tries to struggle free and starts whining, hoping to get his way. I usually try to distract him with a toy. This was taken on one of those days where I failed to distract him. It worked for a while, until he figured out how to free his own left hand while the right hand remains tucked. Till this day, he has yet to figure out that bit on the right hand. My mum says he’s a leftie, so we shall wait and see even though I tend to agree with her through my observations.

Mummy and baby wear matching colours! This was taken last weekend before we headed out to grandpa’s party. It was hard trying to take a picture like that with a baby!

It’s one of those days when I sit silently beside, just watching him sleep. I find it hilarious that he props one of his arm on the pillow like it’s some armchair.

Daddy and baby in matching tee design while we were out for tea with friends one afternoon. He looked like he’s really chilling out!

This was taken a while back and the husband likes this picture cos he almost looked angelic.

I think he is slowly losing his babyness.. He looked much cuter here!

I should really step up on the picture taking to document his growth! Way too fast, baby!

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