And i’m 4 hours late of realising the goal of leaving work at 6.30pm.

But, i cleared almost all my work and i felt “clean”. My sense of humour also came back with the joy and i left a out of office message to say im off to savour some honey and to bask in the moonlight.

I guess when you truly dont care, everything else don’t matter as well!

Am not going to check my emails or switch on my laptop for the next 4 weeks. JOY!

And i also cleaned my desk, cleared out the junk and shredded tonnes of paper, leaving my clean desk with the following note.

Haha. For a moment, i felt myself. Haven’t felt like that for a while. I need a job that allows a bit of mischief and tolerance for nonsense.

=) am off to eat dinner with the boy now! Am famished and i can feel the gastric pains looming..

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